Q: Can I use my Straz Center ticketing login for Straz @ Home?

A: Straz @ Home is not connected to the Straz Center ticketing platform so you can create a unique user name and password for Straz @ Home. If you would like the login and password to be the same for simplicity sake, use your same email and password that you use to buy tickets when first setting up your Straz @ Home account.

Q: Can I watch this on my TV?

A: There are several ways you can view Straz @ Home on your TV. Your TV or the devices connected to it must have an internet connection.

Amazon Firestick has a browser app called Silk. When you download the Silk browser app, it allows you to browse the internet on your TV. Visit https://strazhome.uscreen.io/ to view Straz @ Home through a browser.

Google Chromecast, Roku and Apple TV all give you the ability to "cast" from another device to your TV. If you have an android device you can cast to Chromestick. Windows devices can cast to Roku. Apple devices can cast to Apple TV. Each device casts differently. You would visit https://strazhome.uscreen.io/ on your device (your iPhone Safari browser for example), then "cast" to your Apple TV. Please reference your device manufacturer website for instructions on how to cast from your device.

If you have a Smart TV, there are several web browser apps that you can use to visit https://strazhome.uscreen.io/.

If you have an older TV and do not own a Firestick, Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV, you can connect a laptop to most TVs using an HDMI cable. If you switch the source of the TV image to the laptop (usually called "component" on older TVs) you should be able to view the laptop screen on your TV. Some TVs also require a separate audio cable coming from the laptop to the TV, similar to DVD cables (red, white, yellow). Please reference your TV manufacturer website for instructions on how to hook up a laptop to your TV.

Q: How long do I have to watch my rental?

A: Each rental has a unique watch period and some rentals expire after a certain date and time because of rights and permissions the Straz Center or its affiliates have obtained. Your rental may, for example, have a watch period of 24 hours; however you MUST watch it before the title expires. So if you rent a title on the day it expires, your watch period will be from the time you purchase until the time of expiration.

Q: Can I rent the title as a gift for a friend?

A: Yes there is an option, when renting, to rent the title as a gift.

Q: Can I watch my rental on multiple devices?

A: You can log into your Straz @ Home account and watch your rentals from any device that has a web browser and a connection to the internet.

Q: Who can I contact with further questions?

A: You can email us at strazathome@strazcenter.org.